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Frequently Asked Questions

The Torch Awards for Ethics (Torch Awards) honors companies whose leaders demonstrate a high level of personal character, ensuring that the organization’s practices meet the highest standards of ethics, and consequently generate trust. These companies generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers and their communities. The award embodies the Better Business Bureau® mission of advancing marketplace trust.

The Torch Awards is open to all for-profit, 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) non-profit organizations physically located within BBB of Central Oklahoma’s service area.

Businesses that apply or are nominated must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Both private sector and non-profit sector organizations, of all sizes, are eligible to apply
  • Applying entity must be headquartered in our service area of Central Oklahoma, or have a large physical presence in the state
  • BBB Accreditation is not required for application

A company is not eligible if any of the following conditions apply:

  • It has been in business for less than three years
  • It has earned less than a “B” rating from BBB
  • There are indications that the company has not met its financial obligations
  • It has been the recipient of a Torch Award within the past five years
  • It is a government agency. Government contractors can confirm their eligibility by contacting their local BBB.

There is no cost associated with submitting an entry.

Entries are evaluated by an independent, voluntary panel of judges comprised of business and community leaders.

When you go through the application process, you complete a very rigorous review of the true character and ethics of your organization. With no monetary cost involved, any one of these outcomes will create real value…and who knows…maybe our judges will see exactly what you see and recognize it with a Torch Award!

Check out this page on our website with a full listing of recipient benefits and honors.

Absolutely! Nominating someone else helps you think about what you really value in others and gives them some immediate, well-deserved encouragement to apply. You can visit our Torch Awards for Ethics website and submit their information. Once we receive the nomination, we contact the company directly and encourage them to submit an application.

As all of our past recipients will tell you, taking the time to submit an entry is absolutely worth it!

Sub-contractors and seasonal employees should not be included in the employee count. Part-time employees, however, should count as half; so two part-time employees are equivalent to one fulltime employee when determining your company size.

The headquarter company location can choose to enter locally (local number of employees) or for all locations (total number of employees) in the headquarters’ city. BBB must receive written approval from the headquarter company. If a company is a division of a larger company and they are headquartered in the same area, the headquarters should give them permission to apply to as a division.

The purpose of asking for this information is to provide the judges evidence of a company’s financial integrity from a third party (not their accountant). BBB wants to ensure that companies have met their financial obligations.

This can be a current credit report, bank reference, letter from vendor, or Dunn & Bradstreet report. If you’re including a bank reference, your bank would need to state that “X company is a customer since X time. X company has a line of credit and has paid as agreed according to the terms of the loan.” If a bank will not provide this for you, another suggestion is to ask for this information from a vendor, or someone that has a history of doing business with your company.

Focus on all of the people you have come in contact with and standards that you hold. Have you worked with vendors? If so, highlight those experiences in Section 5. Think about projects you have worked and share those. Have you worked with an intern, volunteers or sub-contractors? What standards do you hold yourself to? You most likely have a set of guidelines that you adhere to; it just might not be written down because it’s not necessary to.

If you have further questions regarding the Torch Awards for Ethics, please contact Sean Rose, Director of Public Relations and Community Outreach at sean@oklahomacity.bbb.org or 405-772-7471.